Promised Land a film by Yoruba Richen
What are the statutes of limitation on justice and reparation? 'Promised Land' shows us there are no easy answers."
— Kevin McDonough, United Feature Syndicate
Looks at the ticking time bomb in South Africa."
— Neal Conan, 'Talk of the Nation,' NPR
A compelling look at the people who will be affected on both sides. "
— Roger Catlin, The Hartford Courant
— Bev Smith, syndicated radio host, American Urban Radio Networks
'Promised Land' explores the black, the white, and the shades of gray of post-apartheid tensions."
— Laura Flanders, GRITtv
You'll see fascinating, hopeful stories here."
— David Crumm, ReadTheSpirit.com
Richen succeeds in framing the issue in personal as well as historical perspectives, acknowledging that for questions of collective guilt and righting historical wrongs, there are no easy answers."
— Independent Weekly, Durham, N.C.
Director Yoruba Richen marvelously represents each side of the issue, daring you to select one side over the other. What she makes clear is that reform needs to happen quickly but intelligently and fairly."
— Isolated Moviegoer

Fledging Fund Award
for Social Conscious

Official Selection
Philadelphia Independent
Film Festival

Official Selection
Full Frame
Documentary Film Festival
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