Promised Land a film by Yoruba Richen
Director and Producer:
Yoruba Richen
Yoruba has been working as a journalist and a documentary filmmaker in New York City for the past 10 years. Her work focuses on illuminating issues of race, space and power. In 2007, she won a Fulbright award in filmmaking and traveled to Salvador, Brazil where she began production of Sisters of the Good Death - a documentary uncovering the origins of the oldest African women's association in the Americas and the annual festival the hold celebrating the end of slavery. Before coming to Brazil, Yoruba was a producer for the independent television and radio program Democracy Now with Amy Goodman.

Director of Photography:
Shandu Nesengani
Shandu Nesengani was born in South Africa and lives and works in Johannesburg. He is founder of Dzinge Productions which has created and produced television programming for the South African channels SABC, ETV and MNet. Shandu began working in television as a cameraman when he was 18 years old. He is currently host of the SABC series La Familia.

Associate Producer:
Nadine Wilmot
Nadine Wilmot has worked in oral history for the past 7 years exploring urban geographies, the flows of culture, people, and of capital. She began working in the field while directing the Oakland Oral History Project as a graduate student at U.C Berkeley and she worked with the university's Regional Oral History Department for 5 years. Since then, Nadine has worked in documentary film and with community based arts organizations. She worked as a researcher on the series "Have you Heard From Johannesburg?", a ten hour history of the international movements that contributed to the end of Apartheid in South Africa. Nadine holds a Masters in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley and a BA in African American Studies from Wesleyan University.

Jessica Reynolds
Jessica Reynolds was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and graduated from Rhodes University in South Africa. During her time in South Africa Jessica edited two films: Unmasking Mavis which reveals the hidden world of gay prostitutes in small-town South Africa, and screened at both the Amsterdam and Paris Gay & Lesbian Film Festivals, and Changing Lands, which she also filmed, and which received the Gold Award at the Dolphin Awards in South Africa. Living in New York for the past five years, Jessica has edited and produced a number of independent documentaries which have toured the US festival circuit and have aired on a variety of networks including A&E, PBS, The Discovery Channel and the History Channel. Jessica was also a producer of the first South Africa Film Festival in New York City in 2004. In 2007, she spent two months in Antarctica filming and editing educational content for use in science museums and schools across the US.

Kathryn Bostic
Kathryn Bostic has composed music for numerous plays, films, TV commercials and concerts. She is a recipient of the Sundance Fellowship for Filmscoring and a Film Independent Project Involve Fellow. She composed music for award winning documentary filmmaker Stanley Nelson for the PBS American Experience production "Marcus Garvey" and the Independent Lens production of "A Place of Our Own". She has also composed the music for "Taking the Heat" directed by Bann Roy which also aired on Independent Lens. Kathryn has collaborated with award winning playwright August Wilson writing the score for productions of his last play "Radio Golf" as well as the music for the Broadway production "Gem of the Ocean." As a vocalist and pianist Kathryn has performed in various clubs and festivals including London's Ronnie Scott's, The Blue Note (Tokyo and Osaka), The Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Pori Finland Jazz Festival, Cape May Jazz Festival, Birdland-JVC Jazz Festival NY, and Catalina's-Los Angeles. She is currently working on a recording of her own music.M

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